Our First Live Student Broadcast from MSS

Today the MSS Grade 9 Digital Learning Strategies class held our first live student broadcast. As this was our first broadcast, it was coordinated by the teacher (me, Jaclyn Calder). In the future, I would aim to have broadcasts written, coordinated and produced by students. However, following a gradual release of responsibility model, today I facilitated the broadcast. We ran it as an interview of students. Our students planned and prepared their answers to 4 questions collaboratively ahead of time using OneNote. We projected this during the broadcast so students knew where we were in our broadcast and what they had planned on saying.

I used my iPhone connected to the guest wireless and the app iCast (please see the Participate tab for more information on how to broadcast) and walked around the class asking questions. We also had the twitter stream for #scdsblive hashtag projected in class and students watched to let me know when we had questions.

We received some great questions tweeted to us from Superintendents and from schools listening. The grade 9’s were awesome putting together responses to these questions on the fly. Very impressive.

After the broadcast, my email inbox filled up with a whole bunch more questions from grade 7 and 8 students. Unfortunately, we did not get these during the broadcast to respond live, so we will address them in class tomorrow and post a response here for those students (and email them back a link). Thanks so much for your great participation.

Overall, we had a great first student broadcast. I learned that my iPhone has a great microphone and that I do NOT need to yell (my loud obnoxious voice grates on me as I listen to the recording). I will keep that in mind next time. We have put a recording of our broadcast on the STREAM PAGE, so you can still listen to it, even if you missed the live broadcast. We have also put a recording of our broadcast into the rotation of music that plays automatically on our station when no one is broadcasting live.

Thanks to everyone who participated today!

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