Submitting Recordings of Student Work – Commercials

The MSS grade 9 business class was busy creating commercials this week. They were videos, but part of the activity was to pull the audio and submit an .mp3 version of the commercial to #SCDSBlive. Our goal is to fill up the “autoDJ” (audio files on loop that play when no one is live broadcasting on our station) with recordings of student work. We would love more student work such as the commercials submitted by the MSS BTT1O class. Music recordings would also be excellent. All grades, all schools are welcome. We can provide some tips on getting audio files if you’d like!

Please email files (or links to files if they are large) to Contact me for more information on how to send in a file.

Thank you Mrs. Bumstead and Mr. Beausoliel for sending in the commercials. They are now in the “autoDJ” mix and available on-demand.

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