Mentoring Through Digital Media

This post was cross-posted on the SCDSB 194 Days of Learning Blog and written by Marie Swift.

If you want to learn some specific skills, why not call in an expert?

Many schools across the county are preparing to participate in the upcoming SCDSBLive Radio Expo. In order to support the teachers and students to build some background knowledge for the project, we decided to call on a newly trained expert! Brad MacDonald, is a former student of Elmvale District High School. Before that, he attended Huronia Centennial Elementary School…and that’s where he went today.

Brad generously spent part of this morning sharing his knowledge about making effective audio recordings. In order to capture his advice and share it further, we decided to make a video recording using the school’s iOgrapher kit and enlisted the help of some grade six and eight students. It was exciting to hear Brad talk about his experience as a news reader on CBC Radio One in Windsor after graduating from Humber with a degree in Journalism.  He taught us lots of “lingo” from the industry, explaining that reporters refer to their tripod as their “sticks” and the light on their camera as the “sun gun”. Brad went on to give many practical suggestions for making effective audio recordings.

Here’s an example of an actual script that Brad used on one of his CBC Radio One newscasts.

Be sure to check out the #SCDSBLive website where the full version of the video will be posted soon. You’ll also find the complete list of categories for the “contest” including news reports, music spots, creative stories and many more. Share your learning in a new, creative way.  Be inspired and inspire others…just like Brad did.

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